My aspirations…

I was always infatuated with sports since a very young age, there was no denying that. But until recently, I was hell bent on becoming a physiotherapist. I didn’t even realise that it didn’t appeal to me, or suit me at all, just something that seemed like a vaguely wonderful idea that friend had suggested to me. Until, I realised what I really wanted to do was write. Writing for me, whether it be writing a novel, or just a letter, or a blog, is like opium, something I can sink into when my mind feels like there are just a little too much thoughts crammed in it.

So what better than to put the two things together?670px-Have-a-Persuasive-Handshake-Step-2 The idea of becoming a sports journalist definitely appealed to me, with a sudden and abrupt vivacity. I had always followed sports writers, and the way they lit up the newspapers, I realised, was a style of writing not far of from my own.

It’s out there for me, and something I really would like to do. Not only would it suit me very well, considering my characteristics, but it would give the confidence and motivation, to know that there were other people reading and countersign on my work.


Please send any sports-journalist related opportunities my way. The aspiration is out there fore me to achieve.

All I have to do is go for it.


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