Free writing

Life seems to be going wrong for me at the moment. Right now what i’m doing is called free writing, you just type and listen to music or something and apparently your mind opens up and says things that you wouldn’t normally say, or something along those lines. Well at the moment like i said life is not going my way, i seem to be falling in a abyss of my own misery, i have no reason to be miserable, but i tend to worry about things that most people don’t worry about like Nam and counselling and maths and my spanish speaking exam and my english homework, and I’m not well and i haven’t been well for so long what if theres something wrong with me and why do i feel conflicted all the time, and why ieva stopped talking to me and is there a god and what is the point, and why do people not like me and will i ever be somebody and what is the point?

what is the point?

This isn edited, I’m not editing this, I’m just typing and typing and typing and these words are just coming out.

nam. spanish. ieva doesn’t talk to me anymore. nam. I don’t know why she doesn’t talk to me anymore.

Im just typing. listening to christina perry jar of hearts. who do you think you are?

kaden. nam. ieva. kirtsen. muna and rachel. and me.

who do you think you are?


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