Harry Potter and the Hunger Games

Guys, my amazing sisters’s fanfic story, check it out!

filthy wanderlust


They stood in a line of four. Four Muggles watching the boundary to District One with a rather pleasant aloofness, the kind of interest one may devote to an unexpected rash. Clearly the Disillusionment spells were yet to be reestablished, their depleting power were a matter of life and death. Well… for the Muggles, at least.

“What do you reckon they can see?” Ginny asked, picking at the small rocks by her feet and throwing them into the charmed boundary where they disintegrated with a small hiss.

“According to The Standard Book of Spells, a Disillusionment Charm of this nature evokes images of abandoned infrastructure, generally conveying the message of danger and —”

“Then why the bloody hell are they still standing there like that?” Ron remarked.

“Honestly, Ronald, have you ever even picked that poor book up? Opened the first page? A Disillusionment Charm is known…

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