The Addiction of Wanderlust

A beautiful post on what us humans really crave x

Meandering Minds


Addictions are dangerously soul consuming on many different levels. Some people become addicted to drugs, alcohol, body building, adrenaline, sex, bad junk food, telling lies and all sorts of things. It’s the constant desire for what ever the addiction is, that can seem like a possessive force that consumes your mind most of the time. Each moment you quench the thirst of desire, it only, in the scheme of things, makes the addiction more powerful. This can be a positive or a negative thing, depending on the situation and what the addiction may be.

For me, I can’t stop myself thinking about travel. It may be past travel experiences, future destinations I want to visit or people that I’ve met who also are junkies to wanderlust. It has me consumed to the point that when I’m not overseas, and I’m back to my reality of a 9 to 5 job…

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