Let’s discuss school…

Entering the final year of Secondary School, and although I can say certain lessons have dragged on for years, these nearly-5 years of my life have literally flew by. I have made some extraordinary acquaintances , been betrayed and lied to, lied to people myself, been broken mentally and physically…

So yeah, I’ve had the time of my life.

I’ve pissed myself laughing at people, with people, and have cried myself dry many times. I’ve been on both sides of the barrier, so that kinda gives me the advantage to both insult and appreciate. I have embarked on a life-changing journey embracing the struggle, so that I appreciate what I get in the end, regardless of what it is. I have enjoyed school, simply because it is an escape and a distraction from the struggles of every day life. The harsh realities of life have been exposed to me, and it’s nothing like the fairy tale’s say. We all learn something, some of us more than others, going on to become lawyers, doctor’s, barristers…But how many of us really change? I made a promise to myself that I’d try to become a better person this academic year, we’ll see how long that runs for. I know that the memories I’ve made cannot be replicated, and for that reason I salute and applaud everyone who’s ever made life at lister easier for me. Not that it’s that much of an ordeal, I still have a year to go, who knows, I might change my mind. It hasn’t been easy because of various reasons, I’ve genuinely enjoyed english, PE, music…maths?

Those infinite moments that you can't forget...

Those infinite moments that you can’t forget…

No. Sorry Chowdhury, but I don’t know anyone who can make 50 minutes feel like 50 days. Oh, and learning trig…jesus that was an ordeal…But I enjoyed your advice, and your company throughout the years, and that taught me a lifetime more than your lessons ever did. For that I thank you, because I avoided some major bombshells over the years, and at the time when I thought your lectures were tedious to listen to, well they paid off. You were right, I guess I gotta hand it to you, life really isn fair. It isn fair at all. And I got to know that firsthand.

Not that you’ll ever read this.

A year of lessons to go, my last. Hopefully they pay off too.


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