I put shit on my hair. You should too.

Great results! I love how you’re informative and funny at the same time!

filthy wanderlust

Shit may be an abrasive word, but when I opened the packaging for Lush’s hair henna, it was (honestly) called ‘caca marron’. Naturally, I was curious, so I looked up the meaning of ‘caca’. This is what I discovered:


'Caca' means poo in French... ‘Caca’ means poo in French…


Of course, I quickly became apprehensive about putting this on my hair… I mean, come on, it means poo, does that mean it contains poo? Nothing is too out there in this strange world we live in. If Kim Kardashian can splatter her face with blood in the name of beauty, then maybe some people DO put poo in their hair. Anyway, back to my research, I visited a Lush store, and the lovely assistant told me that it’s called ‘caca’ because it is just so organic and natural… It took her a while to convince me, but yes, I purchased a block because…

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