Thing’s that bother me…

Stubbing my toe: Whilst this is especially painful, the thing that irk’s me the most is that it’s always the little toe. I just end up standing there, bent over, mouthing swearwords, and cursing everything and everybody, until the pain subsides.

My toe is not happy :/

My toe is not happy :/

People who walk slowly in front of me: I find this quite infuriating, particularly when you have to be somewhere, and the guy or girl in front of you, is shambling to there next lesson. I actually end up brushing past them violently, saying at the top of my voice:” SOME PEOPLE WALK SO SLOW”. On one particular encounter, I said this to a rather violent girl, heck she might have had behavioural problems, but I was in a rush, and she heard me bellowing those words at her, and proceeded to try to ”beat me up” in the middle of the corridor.

7 people had to hold her back.

People who chew loudly: Above all, the one thing I loathe beyond anything, is people who chew loudly. It takes all my mental strength to control my mouth, and not say something I might regret.

People who chew loudly... I'm coming to get you.

People who chew loudly… I’m coming to get you.

Unfortunately, I happen to know quite a few people who chew louder than is necessary. This one time the girl sitting behind me was chewing so loud that I could hear her molars crushing the food. I then turned around, feeling particularly rebellious that day, completely forgetting about any prior endeavours, asked: ”WHO IS THAT?!” About 45 people looked at me, and I turned back to my jacket potato, sheepishly.


When people don’t take me seriously: I can become very snarky If people don’t take me seriously, saying horrible things. Or when somebody thinks I’m lying when I’m telling the truth. You guys know how that feels like right? It is bloody frustrating. 

When people expect me to trust them: First of all, no….You have to earn my trust, and earn my respect. It might not be your fault but I have encountered too much, to trust every ‘Bob’, ‘Joe’ and ‘Allen’ I meet. I’m am not one of those people. If you trust people like that, then your just going to be subject to abuse and manipulation. 

When people make my decisions for me: That just upsets me, because coming to 16, you kinda want to be like everybody else. It’s like there living the glam life, and your just living in the shadows. You want to explore the world, but somebody else is pulling at the leash.

This is just a brief insight into my world, nothing amazing, just a few notes on what bothers me. What bothers you?


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