Blog Maintenance

Very funny, and so very true. A lot of people could learn a lot form this…

brainsnorts inc.


I have written over 500 blog posts – three times.  What I mean is that on three different occasions I have surpassed 500 posts, but that is only because about once a year I perform what I call “blog maintenance.”  That is when I go through previous posts and look for things that:

  1. Seem outdated
  2. Express opinions too harshly
  3. Should not have been written in the first place

So twice now I have reached about 530-ish posts before erasing a good pile of stuff.  In addition to the above reasons for deletion, I also have a tendency to post chapters of novels.  After enough people have read and commented, I always delete those posts mainly to avoid my writing being pirated.  I have at least one friend who found out the hard way that her books available on Goodreads and other places had been electronically reproduced and then sold through…

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