Plain Jane, and Snarky Tom, haircuts and two faces…I APPLAUD TO THAT.

I’ve had many friends in my five years at secondary school, not many of them have given me a reason to trust them. From the group I had in year 8 of about 11 or 12…

I only have 1 person now. From that original group. I’ve known her for the least amount of time, but I trust her the most.

As a group, we got up to the most peculiar things. To reminisce about a few anecdotes, we snuck into the drama room’s, and played tag, and musical chairs in the dark, to the screeching of Led Zeppelin. Every lunchtime, telling horrific tales and accounts in the dark, that scarred me for the rest of my life. We even created our own demonic language, and played 40 questions, learning about the most embarrassing, senseless things about each other. And then one day, I tripped over a wire, and broke the lighting system, so we were evicted. One of our friends, was dark-skinned, and wore dark coloured clothing too, all you could see were his white socks in the dark. My other friend used to scream ”white socks is coming!!!” and we would scramble. We would fight for food, like we were in poverty, we would run after each other, swearing that we would stay together forever. We were wrapped in our own world of ignorant bliss. There was just us,and nobody else.

Infinity moments :')

Infinity moments :’)

Yep, that lasted so long.

The problem’s began when people started dating each other.I won’t go into detail. Then other people who liked other guy’s in the group’s started feeling insecure. I had never felt like I had at that point, like my entire world was reeling. My closest friend at the time went out with the guy I liked regardless of how I’d felt. It hurt so bad, But I still had my best friend. Her name…well I’ll change for confidentiality, is Jane. We were like two peas in a pod. We’d laugh at the most stupid things, nobody else would find those moments comedic, we would never separate. And then one day… She went.

She went. Started hanging out with different people. Completely blanked me. I didn’t know what I’d done wrong.

She never talked to me again.

Ok, that took some dealing with. But I got over it. But then, one of my other friend’s went out with my other friend’s ex. Qu the fighting, the quarrels and general bullshit, and hysteria. 

Us 12 friends, separated into 2 groups, of girls and guys. Swearing to never cross paths, and never hurt each other like we’d done before. 

But somehow, fate destined us to meet again. my friend broke up with, ”Tom” ( another name changed for confidentiality) after 2 years of going out. This one teenager had caused so much problems, he was the crack in the wall. He changed everybody who rubbed against him. I watched this sweet guy I had fallen for 3 years prior, change into someone darker and someone who I didn’t recognise. Everybody else gave in to the hysteria, back chatting and spreading rumours, so I gave up on them too.

This must be baffling and confuzzling for all of you bloggers who are hopefully reading this, but simply having someone reading this, and hearing my story, that’s amazing.

The 2 friends I had left, well one of them, had spread rumours about me, and lied on countless occasions about a plethora of different things.

I only have 1 left. She is brilliant in many different ways, artistic, athletic, full of funny moments, and  she’s been around so long, that I’ve counted her many different hair colours, and cuts. She hasn’t changed on bit.

I applaud to that.


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