The DA, or the dead poet’s…

We all have fantasies of our own. Places nestled in the dark corners of our minds and our hearts, where we can limp to, where all those petulant irritant voices that seemed to taunt and oppress us…just seem to vanish. Maybe it’s the Room of Requirement with the DA, or the cave down the stream, where Knox and Todd created something nobody else could. ”The DA” and ”The Dead Poet’s Society” formed something us mere mortals could only fantasise about.

Recognition. Approval. Acknowledgement.

A way to fit in with other people, a way to express our wildest desires and assist the greater good. Whether it was shouting ‘confringo’ at imaginary enemies, or giggling with Keating at the controversial beauty of Shakespeare. Sure there were obstacles along the way, but what is Harry Potter without Umbridge and Voldemort, and the inquisitorial squad? As Keating’s would say ”live a little”.

The feeling of fitting in, is beautiful. Like an adrenaline rush, pumping through your veins. The secret, the confidentiality, is amazing. Because your doing something to help. What is faith without action? You have that coin in your pocket with the date of the next meeting burning through the gold. Your writing down the minutes, as you create your own poems. There is always the risk of being found whatever it is.

But boy, does it feel good.


An unrivalled loyalty

An unrivalled loyalty


There is always an Umbridge, the guy who’s not sure what he’s telling the headmaster, and that’s why you have somebody like Hermione. When Cho Chang’s friend gave them all up, she made it known. I mean there’s acne….and then there’s ACNE. As Keating in Dead Poet’s Society would say:

”There’s a time for daring and there’s a time for caution, and a wise man understands which is called for.’

Maybe some of you are already in some sort of secret society, I sincerely hope you have somebody like Harry or Hermione. Somebody as daring as Dalton and Knox. And always somebody as wise, as Keating.

Good luck. You’ll need it.


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