Let’s skip to the good bit

Somehow, Rizzle kick managed to perfectly word and phrase, a plethora of profanities and insults, into simple opinions. They turned a straight- forward home-made video into an internet phenomenon overnight, getting thousands to do ”the hump”. Regardless to the fact that on closer inspection, there lyrics are controversial. Yet, this somehow seems to be the norm, how can be admonish them, without reprimanding thousands of other rappers, we have infatuated ourselves with? I’m obsessed with Eminem, and I have seemed to accept his habit of throwing around loose profanities, as his style. What is Marshall Mather’s, who is Marshall Mather’s without the word ‘fuck’? It would sound absurd. Shouldn’t we really be applauding him on his spectacular skill to manipulate his own misery, into beautiful comebacks for all of his skeptics? It would be bizarre for a rapper not to spout foul profanities in there music.

But let’s skip to the good bit. The much publicised song, involves Jordan and Harley singing about how life can be tedious and repetitive, the duo describes what they would actually prefer, as opposed to the how dull and monotonous life can really be. Also, there song, ‘prophet – better watch it” invoked a similar reaction of a particular persons action and demeanour. ”Dennis is not even half of what this menace is”


So what have we learned? Well, it can be easy to manipulate words into opinion and vice-versa.We shouldn’t be afraid to voice our opinions, however odd they may seem. Its not hard to convey emotion through music, and when the going gets tough?

Well, we can always skip to the good bits.


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