5 ways to keep from going nuts

5 wonderful ways of reigning in your anger. Very effective and well worth a read 🙂

filthy wanderlust

I blame the wanderlust and insomnia and depression every single day, but it is inevitably people that drive other people nuts. And no, I’m not talking about being a little ticked off with someone, I’m talking full blown I’m-gonna-tear-your-head-off rage that dominates your reason and logic for a good week before dissipating. Writing in this state may probably mean that the advice I’m about to give is passive-aggressive, but I’m sure you’re all smart enough to adapt it to your own situations, right?

Anger is a destructive emotion. It devastates relationships, and perceptions and even inanimate things. If you have the grave misfortune of living with absolute idiots, or going to school with them, or even working alongside them, then you will know what I’m talking about. I recently got into a nasty argument with my Mother over a mug of tea. It was a seriously foul verbal assault on…

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