Vagabond piss

Really funny story, guys!

filthy wanderlust

I was on my way home from the shops today; I wasn’t out for anything in particular, I only went for a little wander. Anyway, on my way back, with my arms clad in shopping bags full of rubbish I didn’t really need, I came across a man pissing on the wall outside my house. Naturally, I was outraged. So I walk up to this fool, and I’m like, “Carry on, mate. It’s not like this is my house, or anything.”

He turns around to look at me in alarm, and I had to flee back a few steps, because his piss flew in a wild arc, and I didn’t want it to touch me. (I swear I would’ve bathed in bleach if it had.) “Go away, girly. I ain’t in the mood.”

By this point, you can probably understand what I wanted to do to him. He spoke so…

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