Melancholy in London

Right again! What do you all think?

filthy wanderlust

Does anybody else think that melancholy is too pretty a word for something that is supposed to mean sadness? Much like wanderlust and insomnia, there is something hypnotically appealing about these ambiguous words that draws me to them. My trusty dictionary stated the following:


391f0707704e28da5a912827d93c9390 Melancholia is too pretty a word to mean something so sad…


And this, much like everything else I come across, really got me thinking. When the English language came to be (even as a student of Linguistics, I couldn’t tell you exactly when that was) we attributed certain words to their counterparts, in other words, their semantics. If it was memorable, or if it sounded right, then it would stay and pass down the generations. If not… then it was back to the drawing board, I guess. Am I the only one that wonders why swear words are deemed so insulting if all they are is…

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