8 steps to surviving the zombie apocalypse

Legit zombie survival guide for all you amazing people. This just might save your life…

filthy wanderlust

When you hear the words ‘zombie apocalypse’, what kind of images and thoughts does it conjure in your mind? Are you the kind of weirdo that we see on the National Geographic channel’s ‘Doomsday Preppers’ that somehow has managed to squirrel away the entire contents of a Walmart store in their pantry? Are you the kind of person that fails to see the allure of a zombie apocalypse and wonders why teenagers everywhere want there to be an epidemic in which the infected eat the non-infected? Or are you a member of the awesome club who has a katana stowed under their pillow ready to be whipped out at the first mention of a ‘cannibal attack bought on by bath salts?’

I’m not writing this to validate or justify why I think the zombie apocalypse will happen, because I already know it will. This is a fucked up world we…

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