Lonelier than a cigarette butt

I never thought about it this way, but maybe being lonely really is a stupid thing to manage in a world populated with over 7 billion other people…

filthy wanderlust

Being lonely sucks major ass. I’ll be off to university soon, and when I was sixteen, I would think about my future and scoff at how long I had until I had to be a responsible, mature adult. I swear to God, that time came so fast that I almost missed it. Here I am two years later wondering how the heck I could be so stupid. You see, when a person turns eighteen, something magical is supposed to happen. They’re supposed to suddenly know the answers to all the questions of life; they’re supposed to gain all the skills necessary to navigate as an adult in this fucked up world we live in and above all, they’re supposed to function.

Whenever I walk through the streets of London, there is always one thing I notice more than anything else. Cigarette butts. There are an abundance of them littering the pavements…

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