The Saturday Six: WTF Headlines

If only they made all the newspapers like the one’s in Harry Potter…

 saturday six

Grandfather had a special way to fold his newspaper when he read it. It was quite the origami master fold. It was so he could read the paper easier and then end with the jumble puzzle as a treat for getting through the boring political sections.

For those unfamiliar with newspapers, they are long and wide.

*That’s what she said.*

Yes…yes…we are not above doing a ‘that’s what she said joke.’

We have a feeling that’s what really killed the newspaper…their weird, hard to read, have to fold a million ways, ink on the hands, silly putty doesn’t work on it anymore, ways…not the internet.

Maybe if they could invent newspapers like the kind they had in the Harry Potter movies…


This week’s SS6 focuses on some eye grabbing headlines, whether intentional or not,  from such archaic newspapers and their modern online cousins.

1. Missing Woman Might Have A…

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