The dream is collapsing.

Most of us conform our lives around one single aspiration. Our lives are lived to build up to this ”one spectacular moment”, and we spend our entire lives doing things that will help us achieve those dreams, regardless of the obstacles that we meet along the way.

I was never a persistent individual, and although I endured great periods of my life where doubt prevailed, I always wanted to be involved in life. ”Involved” here in this context refers to me wanting to be a footballer, from a very young age. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not acquainted with anyone that encourages misogyny or sexism, but many of my relatives and members of my own family found this peculiar. Here was a young girl, barely 10 years old, in a family of 3 woman, and 4 girls( excluding my father at this point, although he will reappear to play a massive role) with siblings who were infatuated with make up, the twilight saga, and painting there nail’s….


And then there was me.

I don’t blame them for wondering where this young girl had strayed. Maybe that’s not the right term.

My father, the only man in the family, was delighted at the prospect of one of his daughter’s displaying an interest in sports, and took me in. Who I am now, where I am now, well that’s all thanks to him. I could not be more grateful.

But most people who build there lives around one specific aspiration, well they tend to do things to try to make it happen. I never had the opportunity. I still don’t.

So that begs the question, what will I end up doing? Who will I end up being? Maybe our future shapes our destinies, but I know we have to create our own futures.


So do something about it.


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